frequently asked questions

What do you do at Uptown Art?

Uptown Art is a social art experience where our talented artists teach you to paint in a group setting.  You’ll also learn basic techniques, brush use, how to mix colors, and much more while you create your own masterpiece.  It is fun, it is energetic, it is memorable, and it is stress-free!  You’ll love being creative in our relaxed atmosphere.


What do I wear?

Be comfortable.  We will provide aprons for use; however you don’t have to look your best.  If you do get a little paint on you, no worries…you can rinse immediately.  Our paint is acrylic, non-toxic and water-soluble.


What do I need to bring?

Uptown Art provides all the materials needed to create your masterpiece.  Bring a friend (or 2), an open mind and your creativity.  Our artists will provide the step-by-step instruction.


How much does it cost?

Pricing varies per location.  Please view the monthly calendar of the studio nearest you for pricing.  Classes are priced according to class time (2 or 3 hour) and level of difficulty.  Many locations offer a weekly special, all listed on the calendar.


How do I register?

First, choose the studio located nearest you.  View the monthly calendar to see what paintings are creating that day/month.  Click on the painting you would like to create and follow the registration prompts.  Our online reservation system is pre-pay.  Should you want to pay in person, be sure and call to have your name added to the class list.  Reservations are always encouraged.


Do you reserve seats?

Our studio seating is first come, first serve.  For groups of 5 or more, we can reserve your seats prior to your arrival.  Just let us know in advance by calling the studio or emailing the studio.


What is the alcohol/food policy?

All Uptown Art studios are subject the laws on alcohol consumption of the states and counties in which they operate.  Please view the studio’s webpage nearest you for their Alcohol and Food Policy.  In some locations, snacks can be purchased in the studio and some allow light snacks to be brought in.


What is the cancellation policy?

Please contact the studio nearest you for their cancellation policy.


What is your late policy?

The time listed on our calendar is the start time of painting.  We ask that all customers arrive at least 15 minutes prior to class time.  Should you run more than 30 minutes late, our staff will do our best to catch you up but we will not extend class time.  As a courtesy, please call and let us know if you are going to be late.  Each location posts their late policy in the class description.  Please read carefully.


What is the age limit for classes?

Check with your location studio for age requirements.  Uptown Art loves kids; however our evening classes are geared more for an adult atmosphere.  A majority of our locations allow ages 12 and up to attend their Adult Classes and ages 6 and up for Kids’ Classes.


Private Parties and Events

How much does it cost?

Pricing varies per studio…priced differently for adults or kids.  Please contact the studio nearest you for pricing.


What day can I have a party?
Check with your local studio for available dates and times.


How do I book my event?

We suggest you call or email your local studio.  Our party planners are ready to help you book your party or event.


How do I select the artwork for my party?

Uptown Art has a vast database of original and licensed artwork to choose from.  We suggest you peek at your local studio’s monthly calendar for inspiration and even look at other studios as well.  We all share the same database.


How many guests can I invite?

Guests minimums are set per location.  Please check with the studio nearest you on how many you can add to your invitation list.


What does the party include?

Uptown Art is the best place to host a private party, event, shower, etc.  We set-up/clean-up and provide everything you need to paint….canvases, easels, brushes, aprons, plus any other materials.  You’ll have your own artist to guide you step-by-step.  Each guest will leave the party with their own painting to enjoy!


What is the cancellation policy?

Please contact the studio nearest you for their cancellation policy.


Do you offer on location parties?

Yes, Uptown Art On the Go.  We’ll bring the party to you!  There are extra fees involved when traveling offsite.  Please check with your local studio for their offsite pricing.